“Praying to the Father”

Matthew 6:9 – “When the thunder falls and your world shakes – God says, run to me.  Oh Heavenly Father, teach us to run to you.”  Bradley Rushing

“Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust”

Luke 16:19-31  “Despite their earthly circumstances, people without faith in Christ are forever punished, and those with faith are forever blessed.” – Bradley Rushing  

“Redefining the Right” (Pt 3)

  Luke 16:14-18 – God’s Right Concerning Marriage – “People should not redefine God’s plan for marriage, but trust God’s design.” – Bradley Rushing

“The Great Neglect”

Exodus 17:11-12– “What is the greatest neglect in our church today?” – Keith Boggs – Real Momentum Ministries

“Redefining the Right (Pt. 1)

Luke 16:14-18 – “People should not justify their sinful lives by redefining what is right, but live as God is their judge.” – Bradley Rushing

“Live Sent”

Matthew 28:18-20 – “We must realize we are called to take the Gospel from our neighbors to the nations” – Dustin Lee