A Note From Bro. Bradley About Our Cottage Prayer Meetings

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Last Sunday Night we enjoyed small group cottage prayer meetings as a part of our Sunday School initiative. Everyone that I have talked to that attended one of these prayer meetings was wonderfully blessed. We have another Cottage Prayer Meeting scheduled for the last Sunday night of this month as well.

Serious prayer is often overlooked by Christians and the church. This is a tragic mistake because prayer enhances our faith and trust in God. Recently someone explained this to me in 3 scenarios:

Scenario 1: You’re downtown, and a stranger walks up to you, asking you for $5 to put gas in their car. You may or may not choose to give him money, but how confident are you that they are telling the truth and the money will go towards gas? Not very.

Scenario 2: You’re at work or school at the vending machine. Someone comes up to you, you’ve seen around, but you don’t really know them. You’ve never really talked to them. They tell you that they forgot their lunch, and they need a couple of bucks for the vending machine. They tell you they’ll pay you back tomorrow. Again, you may choose to give them money or you may not, but how confident would you be that they would pay you back? Fairly.

Scenario 3: You’ve got a close friend–the kind of friend that you talk to every day. You can finish each other’s sentences. This is someone you can count on if you ever needed anything. You could call them day or night. He asks to borrow $100 to pay a bill and promises to pay you back. How likely are you to trust him to spend the money the way he says he will and to pay you back? Completely. Why? Because of the relationship you have with him… because you know him so well.

The only way to trust God more is to get to know him better.  No one gets to know God apart from prayer, Bible reading, and other spiritual disciplines. So, let me encourage you, if your faith is starting to wane, draw close to him. You will be quickly reminded, he can be trusted!

In Christ,

Bro. Bradley

Author: Michael Lawson

Pastor of Disciplemaking and Pastoral Care Mount Gilead Baptist Church