Dart Wars

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Alright Everyone! It’s time for some family fun, Tuesday, July 25th, 6 – 9 p.m. Family Life Center. All ages can play!

Dart Wars will be a night of nerf games and we want everyone to be involved. We’ll have team games of capture the flag and all-out battles to see which team is the victor! Don’t worry our expert referees will be on hand to sort out any disputes.

We’ve planned the night of fun and games. Here’s what you can expect and what you’ll need to bring.

A fun atmosphere (music and a DJ)
Supper (probably pizza)
To laugh
To be sore the next day (ages 38+)

What you’ll need to bring:
Some sort of eye protection (If sight is a priority for you, bring a cheap pair of safety goggles!)
You’ll need to supply your nerf gun. The church will be supplying all your ammo. Your nerf gun will need to shoot Elite style darts. If you’re not a nerf nerd, these are the “regular” darts and are the most common. You can bring a different style gun (NO RIVAL GUNS!), but remember, your ammo will be in very short supply! We strongly advise an elite style gun.

RSVP your group by clicking the pic below and filling out this brief registration form. This helps us order the correct amount of supplies and food.

Author: Michael Lawson

Pastor of Disciplemaking and Pastoral Care Mount Gilead Baptist Church