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We’ve got some great discipleship opportunities for you every Wednesday night here at Mount Gilead.  Here’s the current line-up – beginning January 10, 2018!

HEBREWS: CHRIST IS BETTER – The letter of Hebrews was written to an early Christian church as an encouragement in the faith. This church had embraced Christ but struggled in their devotion because some of them were facing persecution, some loved ones were suffering, friends had walked away from the faith, and normal temptation and doubt had both crept in.

Join us at 6:30pm in FLC Room 3314! – Beginning 1-10-2018

GODS AT WAR – There are gods at war within each of us. They battle for the throne of our hearts, and much is at stake. This is why idolatry is the most discussed problem in the entire Bible. Behind every sin struggle that you and I have is a false god that is winning the war in our lives. Don’t give in to the myth that gods are only statues that people of other cultures or long ago worshiped. Pleasure, romance, sex, money, and power are just a few of the gods that vie for our allegiance in today’s society. Join us in this new study, as we explore these gods.

Join us at 6:30 in FLC Room 3223! – Beginning 1-10-2018

THE FAMILY SHEPHERD – Discover what scripture says about being the shepherd of your home. What does the Bible say about the role and responsibility of being a godly Husband/Father.

Join us at 6:30 in FLC Room 3317! – This class is ongoing. Come anytime you wish (Men Only).

PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT – ACTS, PART 2 – Jesus promised His disciples that they would take the Gospel to the remotest parts of the earth. Observe Paul’s transformation from persecutor of the church to preacher. Join him on his journeys across the Roman world to proclaim the saving message of Jesus to Jews and Gentiles. Learn how to witness and how to live an authentic Christian life in all circumstances in the power of the Holy Spirit. Learn to be like Paul, to be bold in proclaiming the name of Jesus and to trust our sovereign Lord who enables us to endure persecution and suffering at the hands of those who hate Jesus…and therefore, hate us.

Join us at 5:30 in FLC Room 3303! – This class in currently in session. Call for details.

Author: Michael Lawson

Pastor of Disciplemaking and Pastoral Care Mount Gilead Baptist Church