Blinded by Sight

Sunday April 20, 2014  Luke 24:13-35 You don’t have to physically see Him (Jesus) to know who he is  –  by faith we “see” him even though He’s not here…

Cross Examinations

Sunday April 13, 2014  Luke 23:32-43 Have you reacted to the cross of Christ or have you responded to the cross of Christ?  Bradley Rushing

Honor Your Parents

Sunday March 30,2014  Exodus 20:12 The only true way to honor your parents is to forgive them just as the Heavenly Father forgave you.   – Bradley Rushing  

Crucial Decisions in a Pig Pen

Sunday March 23,2014  Luke 15:11-24 It is often the times when you hit rock bottom that God intervenes and does some major spiritual work in your life – Michael Lawson

Sabbath Rest

Sunday March 16, 2014  Exodus 20:8-11 Sabbath is no longer a day.  Sabbath is a person.  Our Sabbath is Jesus Christ.  The Old Testament Sabbath was simply to be a…

Don’t Disrespect God

Sunday March 9, 2014  Exodus 20:7 All of us realize someway, somehow that we don’t revere God to the degree He is due…so what do we do?  Where is our…

Not Everything is Worship

Sunday March 2, 2014   Exodus 20:4-6 It is a terrible thing that we would pass on a false conception of who God is to our children, but it is a…


Sunday February 23, 2014  Exodus 20:1-3    All the gifts that we are given are to cause us to passionately love God but when we begin to treasure the gifts…