20/20 Vision

March is going to be a very important month for Mount Gilead’s future. For that reason, I am asking for your 100% commitment to be in Sunday School and Sunday morning worship each Sunday for the month of March. Here’s why. March will launch our 20/20 Vision for the future of Mount Gilead. Last year,…

“Keep Praying…(No Matter What)”

Luke 18:1-8 – This is the 3rd sermon in the series , “Do Not Lose Heart”.  “The intimate relationship created with God through an ongoing prayer life is far more valuable than any answer we will ever receive from him.” – Bradley Rushing    

“Don’t Give Up On Hope” Pt 1

John 5:1-15:  “Don’t Give Up On Hope” is part 1 of a series entitled, “Don’t Lose Heart”.  “If you are struggling today, where are you putting your hope?  Don’t turn to the world, turn to the God of the universe and he will give you a reason to live one more day, and two more…