“The Great Neglect”

Exodus 17:11-12– “What is the greatest neglect in our church today?” – Keith Boggs – Real Momentum Ministries

“Eli’s Failure”

1 Samuel 2: 12-29  –  “What is the most important role of a parent?  It is spiritual leadership!” – Bradley Rushing

Real Momentum Men’s Conference

We’ve partnered with Real Momentum Ministries to have a one day men’s conference on Saturday, September 10, 2016. The conference will begin at 8:00am and end at 1:30pm. Breakfast and Lunch are included (of course). This event is open to all men, inside and outside of our church walls. It is our desire to have…

Let’s Keep In Touch

Many of you have already signed up for with our free text messaging service.  If you’re one of the few hold outs, let me encourage you to sign up easily by texting the number 81010 with the appropriate code below in order to receive text reminders and information from your favorite ministries here at Mount…

“No Condemnation”

Romans 8:1  Many believers struggle with assurance of salvation.  Jesus offers complete forgiveness and promises that there is NO condemnation for those who trust in Him. – Dr. Michael Lawson

“Anxiety Conquering Faith”

1Peter 5:5-14  “If you are in Christ you may live a life of great hardship, but there is no reason that you cannot live a life of great peace.”  Bradley Rushing

Sunday School Helps for Explore the Bible, 1/31/2016-Matt. 8:5-13

Matthew 8:5-13 Matthew 8:5 Capernaum meaning “village of Nahum”. located on the NW shore of the sea of Galilee. It served as Jesus’ base of operations when Jesus began his ministry (see Matthew 4:13). It is believed that Peter’s home still stands in this city today. Matthew 8:5 This man was a Gentile and would…