“No Condemnation”

Romans 8:1  Many believers struggle with assurance of salvation.  Jesus offers complete forgiveness and promises that there is NO condemnation for those who trust in Him. – Dr. Michael Lawson

“Anxiety Conquering Faith”

1Peter 5:5-14  “If you are in Christ you may live a life of great hardship, but there is no reason that you cannot live a life of great peace.”  Bradley Rushing

Sunday School Helps for Explore the Bible, 1/31/2016-Matt. 8:5-13

Matthew 8:5-13 Matthew 8:5 Capernaum meaning “village of Nahum”. located on the NW shore of the sea of Galilee. It served as Jesus’ base of operations when Jesus began his ministry (see Matthew 4:13). It is believed that Peter’s home still stands in this city today. Matthew 8:5 This man was a Gentile and would…

Churchwide Valentine Banquet

Sunday, February 14th   5 p.m.   Family Life Center Come enjoy a great time of fellowship together. Purchase your tickets through your Sunday School Class or stop by the Church office. $8.00 Adults, $4.00 Children (10 & under)

“How God Uses Pain”

1 Peter 4:12-19 “When pain comes, when suffering comes, when trials come, it usually causes us either to get angry at God and run from God, or run to God.  We may ask why God allowed this to happen.  We are not the first to ask this question.”    

“Take Responsibility”

1 Samuel 17:31-37 “I think a lot of the problems that we have, whether it be in our own lives or in our own family, or in our country as a whole, is just that people are not taking responsibility for their lives.  We wouldn’t be in a lot of the mess that we’re in…