Men’s Ministry

Welcome to Intentional Men!




Done on purpose; deliberate.

We are a group of men that are intentional about loving, mentoring, encouraging and praying for each other in hope that the Holy Spirit forms Christ in us! (Galatians 4:19) We help each other follow Jesus by literally pushing, pulling, and dragging each other closer to Him! We accomplish this by coming together frequently at varying times throughout the week and being transparent and getting real with each other! Being vulnerable is not always easy, but God works in it!

Our goal is to sustain a culture of transformational discipleship in the context of the local church here at Mount Gilead. We believe this is the model that Jesus commanded when he told the disciples to “be teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you”. Matthew 28:19b

Our purpose is to present men mature in Christ in hope they will pour into other men, families, and the community. We would really like for you to join us and to not be that man living on an island, but live and do life with us. We need each other! Many have joined us over the months and most have stated, “I’ll never be the same”!

How to get connected…

Sunday Night @ 5:00pm

Sunday evenings at 5:00pm, we meet in Life Groups or as a larger group, depending on the time of the year. It’s a culture of men hearing of others struggles and how they win in that area or are in the process of winning. God does great things during these times! It’s a great place to start and plug in!

Wednesday Night @6:15pm

Wednesday night is a night we come together and discuss doctrines and theology that help us understand our identity in Christ, to increase our passion, and be the hands and feet of Jesus. We believe that men must understand who they are in Jesus Christ which drives intimacy and action.

We are not asking you to come . . . we are begging you to come!

A Brief Testimony…

“This isn’t a self-help group.  This isn’t even a Bible Study. Those are good things but this is something different. This is a group of men committed to push, pull, or drag their Christian brothers closer to Christ. For 6 months I was invited to come. As a head football coach there was no way to make it work in season. Especially because I didn’t want to go. After several invites and seeing some real change in some guys I was friends with I decided to give it a shot. My life was radically changed that day. I had been a Christian for 27 years. I was committed to live out my faith. But it was weighing me down. I was living out my faith like Rambo. A one man army. Then I discovered a group of men that had the same struggles that I have. They didn’t have it all figured out. They had not“conquered”sin. They lost their temper with their kids. Their wife made them mad. They got tired of their boss. They were REAL. 2018 has been the most freeing season of my life. I have learned how to grab hold of God’s grace in the here and now. It’s messy. It’s not a 12 step program. It is living life with men that can come along side you and pray for you, mentor you, and love you in a way that will help you take hold of what God has for you in your marriage, job, and life.”

– An Intentional Man