“Escape Your Toxic Guilt”

1 John 3:19-24  –  “The devil can not rob you of the gift of eternal life – but he can rob you of the joy of your salvation.” – Bradley Rushing

“That is Love”

Isaiah 53:4-12  ” God has proven his love for us.  If you have ever wondered if God loves you, just look at the cross.”- Dr. Bradley Rushing

“I Thirst”

John 19:28-30 – “If I struggle to identify with God, can He really identify with me?  Can I trust him in the hard times of life?  YES, we can!” – Dr. Bradley Rushing

“Hypocritical Religion”

Luke 13:10-17  “Your religion can be used as an outward working of your faith to impact people for God in an awesome way.  That’s how it needs to be.  But your religion can also be used to hinder others.  We need to be aware of that.”  Bradley Rushing