Women’s Ministry

Welcome to Mt. Gilead Women’s Ministry!

We live in a culture that not only encourages independence, it pushes us to think that we can do everything ourselves, that we do not need others and that we can rely on our ownabilities to get what we want out of life. However, scripture reminds us that we are to love and encourage one another, that iron sharpens iron, and that we are to be disciplined, teachers of the word and imitators of Christ’s behavior (humble in spirit, wise in the word and servants of obedience), and to have TRUST in the Lord!

It is our prayer that we renew a ministry that not only feeds and ministers to the needs of women within our church community but that we also create a place for women to be grounded in the word, to be grafted in the vine together and to be growing in fellowship and community with one another. We want women to feel that they have a place to connect and be encouraged, to grow spiritually and to have an opportunity to share our gifts in obedient service. We want women to discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts across all “seasons” of women within our church. We want to encourage spiritual mentorships and relationships amongst the women within our church and provide a vision for both in-reach and outreachministries for women.

How to Get Connected:

Sunday Morning Women’s Classes (9:00-10:00 am):

Adult Ladies: Janay Rice, Room 3305 Family Life Center
Senior Ladies: Pat Baxley, Room 1110 Education Building
Senior Ladies: Ann Blackmon, Room 1107 Education Building
Senior Ladies: Nan Ledlow, Room 1105 Education Building
Senior Ladies 78 plus: Earlene White, Room 1103 Education Building

Sunday Night Women’s Discipleship:

5:00-6:00 pm, Small Groups meet in FLC

Wednesday Night Women’s Discipleship:

6:30-7:30 pm, Room 3305 Family Life Center

Women’s Precept Study

Ladies Prayer

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