Summer Honduras Mission Trip

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Our mission trip to Honduras this summer was a tremendous blessing. God used several events to display his presence and glory. One of these events stands out in my mind. The very last group of Hondurans that went through a worship service was a fairly small group of around 30 people. After I finished preaching the gospel to them, Pastor Lewis (who is a Spanish speaking, Honduran pastor) offered an invitation to receive Christ in Spanish. As he began to give this invitation, a Honduran lady in her 50’s began to argue with him about how one is saved (I know this because David Cone interpreted it for me). She argued from a more Catholic doctrine that works were required to be saved as well. Pastor Lewis explained that saving faith never remains alone, but it always produces a life change. She continued to argue that our works played a saving role. As this unfolded, another younger lady sided with the older lady. It was a 2 on 1 battle! At first, I thought “This is amazing”. I’ve never before seen anyone talk back during the invitation!” But then, a sinking feeling came over me and I thought, “No one is going to respond to Christ after all this.” However, as the invitation progressed, another lady did come forward. As she approached Pastor Lewis, she said, “I don’t care what that lady said. I want to trust Jesus as my Savior.” This was just another powerful reminder that God is at work!

Just as he used the team in Honduras, he can and will use you right where you are if you will just be faithful to his call on your life. Why don’t you use the Sunday School Football Challenge as a reminder that you are to glorify God by inviting people to small group Sunday School classes and sharing the gospel with people who need the eternal life that Jesus is offering. We all can do more than we are doing. If we don’t feel like God is working around us, maybe it is because we are not really trusting him to. Let’s step up in our obedience and see what God will do in our midst!

Author: Bradley Rushing

Senior Pastor Mount GIlead Baptist Church