Joshua 24 – “Instead of life being about so many choices, what if it’s about one crucial choice?” – Michael Lawson

“Stories of Judgement”

Luke 20:9-19 – “The bible says we all have a story to judge.  How will your story end?  Take the story that you are living – realize that it came from God and line your story up with God’s story.”  – Bradley Rushing

“The Final Authority”

Luke 20:1-8 – “You can trust the words of Jesus, they will never change. He is the final authority.  No one has the authority to change the plan of the Almighty.” – Bradley Rushing  

“Disciple & Deploy”

Matthew 9: 35-38 – “Do we have the heart of Christ?  Do we take ownership of the mission?  We can only do the mission when we have the heart of Christ.  Where is God moving you to act?” – Dustin Lee