“What’s Your Kingdom Impact?” (Part 2)

Luke 10:1-12, 17-20 – “We’ve been placed here to make an impact on this world – to make a difference.  What if the potential that God has placed in us, the gifts and abilities, would burst forth and be used for the glory of God?”                  Bradley Rushing    

“Take Responsibility”

1 Samuel 17:31-37 “I think a lot of the problems that we have, whether it be in our own lives or in our own family, or in our country as a whole, is just that people are not taking responsibility for their lives.  We wouldn’t be in a lot of the mess that we’re in…

“Be Ready”

Luke 12:35-48  “ The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is an absolute certainty.  We need to live our lives in light of that truth.”  Bradley Rushing

“Our King Comes”

Matthew 21:1-11  “Why did Jesus ride a donkey as King? Why did this conquering King not ride a war horse clad with armor and carrying a great sword? Here’s why: Jesus came to do more than deliver the Jews from Roman enslavement. He came to deliver us from death.”  – Bradley Rushing  

“Homosexual Marriage: A Foe Worth Fighting”

Genesis 2:24     “If your orientation to the keyboard is off, everything you type is off. If your orientation to truth is off, everything you believe is off. We can’t view the Bible through the lens of our sexuality. We must view our sexuality through the lens of the Bible.”  –  Bradley Rushing

“Shoveling Smoke”

Luke 12:22-34  – Someone described worry like this:  “A small trickle of fear that meanders through the mind until it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.”  That’s what the devil wants: for worry to so fill your mind that there is no more room for thoughts of God. – Bradley Rushing…